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And So Capable

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"You are so strong and so capable of many wonderful things."

This is the second in a series of three originals. These stunning pieces have captivating depth, which mirrors the time and care Emma invested into their creation.

You can catch glimpses of the earlier layers (including extracts from OS maps) which were covered and then re-exposed by sanding down, helping to bring a sense of wonder, history and interest to the work. 

Formed from a season of growth in both skill and confidence, these pieces represent their namesake quote perfectly. Hidden in each piece is a bee, representing an animal small yet mighty; one who despite size puts so many wonderful things into motion in our world. 

Emma painted some layers during thunderstorms, and each piece was exposed to and incorporates the raindrops from those storms. Within these works are memories of gathering clouds, tremendous loud thunder, downpours of rain, and the refreshing, calm brightness of blue skies after.

Collage and transfer with acrylic on 12 x 12 inch panel.

Archival and UV resistant. 

Option available for stunning Lime Wood floater frame.

Eco Impact

No known animal derivatives in the equipment or mediums used (checks made at source where possible); vegan.

Shipped in recyclable packaging.


Signed by the artist. Certificate of sale of original work included.