Emma is an artist, ally, midwife, overcomer and passionate encourager. She's always had a creative spirit, and a variety of personal challenges have shaped Emma into the woman she is today; she values her resilience and courage despite setbacks.

Emma has an inside understanding of life's complexities and the mountains so many have to climb and through her art expresses a relentless rallying call to keep on, to rise up, to take heart, and as we overcome, to celebrate the incredible world we live our lives in.



Originally studying geography and working in public health, in 2014 Emma traded her behind the scenes role for the NHS front line and began training as a midwife in Birmingham. She currently lives in Cheshire and still contributes clinically in the North West & Wales. In recent years a disability forced Emma away from the energetic pursuits she loved and reignited her passion for art.

As a midwife Emma advocates for strong women, witnesses the birth of new life and new identity, and cares for the most vulnerable. Emma has chosen allyship, encouragement and the fight for rights as ways to express her personal tenets of love, kindness and equality. In her artwork this comes across as beautiful colours combined with sharp intensities of emotion and meaning.

Emma's artwork is inspired by her innate love of geography and the natural world, combined with quotations and poetry that have helped her survive and thrive. As she translates this into art Emma hopes her work will help others find their own place in art where they feel grounded and safe. She invites her audience to engage with her deeply meaningful art and the many hidden treasures within it.



As a vegan artist Emma has sought out supplies and materials that uphold her ethics and are as environmentally friendly as possible.