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Rage Print

The gentle rage simmers. It begins to rise, to bubble. It spills over in violent inspiration for truth and justice and that which is right. It's personal, and it sits under the surface feeding the fuel of her passion.

Available as a fine art giclee print on archival paper, this is the third work of the 'Her Time' collection. The original art is a mixed media expression on bright cartridge paper, with acrylic, graphite and ink built upon layers on watercolour. Moments of colour and energy escape the vignette and enliven the background around it. 

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Eco Impact

Printing ink and paper contain no animal derivatives; vegan.

No known animal derivatives in the original art's paper, watercolours, ink, graphite, acrylic, glue, brushes, tape, fixative used (checks made at source where possible); vegan.

Shipped in recyclable packaging.


Prints available at A5, A4 and A3 sizes; original art 6 x 8" with a 4.5 x 4.5" vignette.

Care Instructions

Best kept behind a frame.

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