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Progression 3

Progression is not linear. Humanity travels darkness and light leaving a complex yet unified picture of progress. Even the difficult and dark times take their place in the frame of life, and their presence actually highlights the light and free. We don’t need perfection, but progression. 

For you who fought and continued on despite it all. For you who picked yourself up again and sought a better thing. This is for you, an expression of your progress which is so uniquely beautiful, intricate and ongoing.

The third work of the 'Progression' collection, this is a mixed media expression on bright cartridge paper, with acrylic and ink built upon layers on watercolour.  

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Eco Impact

No known animal derivatives in the original art's paper, watercolours, ink, graphite, brushes, tape, fixative used (checks made at source where possible); vegan.

Shipped in recyclable packaging.


An 8 x 10" vignette on slightly larger paper, portrait.

Care Instructions

This piece is sealed with archival UV resistant fixative and will repel dust, dirt and fingermarks. Best kept behind a frame; suits a 8 x 10" frame or mount. Recommended professionally framed; frame not included.


Signed by the artist. Certificate of authenticity and originality included. Descriptive expression of the progression collection included.

Important Notes

Frames not included, art only. Buyer is responsible for any import customs and duties specific to their country - please check prior to purchase. Country of origin is UK.

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